Jacob Chen – An Adoption Story

I met Dennis and Carita Chen the summer of 2001.  We were part of a cross-cultural training program designed for people living and working overseas.

Some people you just “click” with.  Dennis and Carita were this with me.  Dennis and I bonded over a love of sports, Asia, and God.  Carita is just a blast to be around and has always had a gift for encouraging me personally and many others.

We laughed. . . a lot.  We also had a common heart for God and His work in this world to a level of which I rarely find. 

Dennis and Carita have always struck me by the depth and quality of their marriage.  They love each other, but they also really, really like each other.  This is one of the many reasons I love being around them.

Though we have never lived in the same city, we have crossed paths quite a bit over the past 12 years.  Anytime we do, we try to get to an environment where we can have a meaningful conversation.  It is always wonderful, deep, Christ-honoring fellowship.

Dennis and Carita wanted dearly to have children.  They were not quiet about this desire, but rather would share with people candidly about their struggles with infertility.  They asked openly for prayer.

Their pain from waiting and wanting and longing was palpable, yet they never wavered in their trust in Christ.  They wrestled with Him in this, yet trust in Christ they maintained.

I will always remember sitting outside of Beau Jo’s Pizza in Fort Collins, Colorado with Dennis and Carita for a long lunch in July 2009.  We were all literally to the point of tears as they shared with me their pain of infertility.  They had begged God for a child for so many years, yet there was silence in return.

Many, many of their friends and family had anguished in prayer for Dennis and Carita for these years, myself included.

Then there was Jacob.

Enjoy the video and the celebration of my dear friends, Dennis and Carita Chen.



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    I have really enjoyed your site – thank you for all of your thoughts and posts! (found your site awhile back through Ruthie) May the Lord grant you grace to keep laboring!

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    I posted that on my facebook feed! i was in tears this morning as I watched… and to know somehow someone… that i don’t really know knows them personally… is kind of cool! What a beautiful encouraging story. NOTHING is wasted in God’s Hands… I love it.

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      This is great! Yeah, I think Carita and Dennis are pretty amazed at how this video seems to be going viral. Wild how it seems that lots of us have seen it at the same time. . . myself included. I actually briefly saw them in July, but I had not seen the video yet, though I did briefly meet Jacob.

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    well you KNOW i love this one!!!! [even though we once walked through hospital doors and back out again, empty handed, God DID grant us a gift in adoption, and we rejoice in the hard road it took to get us there]

    and though these days there are five voices hollering “mommy” in my direction there is one voice in that crowd …. and sometimes his “mommy” causes my heart to jolt, at the miracle that a child who grew in another woman’s womb now calls me Mommy. The depth of that pain, coupled with the joy of that redemption (hopefully one day spiritual, but this day that God redeemed him out of abandonment and placed him in a family) – it’s an incredible journey to walk.

    and tonight rejoicing at THIS family’s journey. thanks so much for sharing John

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      Wow, what a journey you guys have been on in this whole world of adoption (and life)!

      John Paul is a sweet reminder of God’s grace, isn’t he!?!? Though, I’m sure the pain of the other is still present.

      Great hearing from you and I hope you guys are doing well in America. . . I just said good-bye to Matt. He is really dying to be back with you guys!

  4. Jane Lipsey says

    Thanks for sharing this Beautiful story of Jacob, he is one lucky little boy. Stories like this brings lots of happy tears for Dennis and Carita who wanted a baby so bad and God blessed them with Jacob. I loved reading this blog, it just makes you tingle all over. Hugs!!

  5. lydia says

    The husband looks very familiar to me. I think I might have met him last summer in Philippine. It’s a beautiful story. Jacob is soooooo cute!!

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    What a beautiful story and video! I just LOVE adoption stories! My niece and 3 nephews have been adopted from your neck of the woods and have tremendously blessed our family! Although a Christian for many years, after the adoption of the children, the concept of ‘Adoption’ somehow became much more significant…more meaningful. Like your friends, my sister & brother in law and like so many others who are waiting, praying, aching to adopt, God does the same. He relentlessly pursues…graciously rescues…and lovingly brings us into his ‘Forever Family’ with a “never stopping, never giving up, always and forever kind of love”(Jesus Storybook Bible, Sally Lloyd Jones). Human adoption is such a beautiful picture of God’s redemption story. Thanks for sharing, John! Happy weekend…Grace & peace!

  7. Mike Chung says

    It is such a blessing that God is using this video. My life was completely changed by adoption and I pray the church can have a revival in this area and see millions of orphans find homes.

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      Mike, can’t wait to meet your family one of these days!

      Yeah, fun seeing Dennis and Carita’s story here. Amazing to see how this thing went crazy last week on the web.

      Merry Christmas!

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