Christians (especially leaders). . . stop being jerks to each other!

Great little church in Wittenberg, Germany

I took this at a great little church in Wittenberg, Germany a few years ago.

It happened AGAIN this morning.  I looked on twitter and found yet another minister taking not so subtle shots at other ministries.  I wanted to scream at my phone. . . “stop!”  I didn’t, as the people in this Asian McDonald’s would have probably run in terror.  However, [Read more...]

The fallacy of “singles ministry” & the beauty of Biblical obedience

A few months ago, I was asked to be a guest writer for the excellent website,  Here is an article I wrote for them a little while back.  With some slight changes, I thought it might be nice to re-post it here.

John Gunter and Aaron Milam in the Middle East

My friend Aaron Milan and I in the Middle East a few years ago. Picture courtesy of Ed Graham.

It was spring of my senior year in college. My friend Phil and I decided to go to our first ever “singles Bible study.” There was one in our city that was making all kinds of buzz. Thousands were showing up. “The teaching and music are amazing” we were hearing everywhere. We decided to give it a shot.

What we found was pretty shocking.

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Trying to be a loving Uncle from 10,000 miles away

John Gunter and Flat Stanley

Here are my nephews in the fall giving me their “Flat Stanley/Wolfie”

As I type, I have just “shipped” my 7th and 8thFlat Stanley/Wolfie” to my nephews John Robert and Nathan.  If you are unfamiliar with “Flat Stanley”, you can learn more here.  “Flat Wolfie” is the variation of the program for the Whitefield Academy WolfPack.

Once again, I have put a good deal of effort in getting these done well.

My sleep was literally impeded as I completed “Flat Stanley” this week, staying up well past mid-night last night.

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3 epic toys from the 80s

Intellivision football

Though comically bad now, Intellivision was awesome in the 80s!

My cousin Curtis emailed me this morning with some fun memories from my youth.  Curtis and his brother Greg were from South Florida, so we only saw them over Christmas.  They would pile in the car, drive for 8+ hours, arrive in Atlanta, and we would be in constant motion and adventure until they left.  Great memories. [Read more...]

5 realities I love about being a Christian

The Bible on paper and Kindle

Whether on paper or my Kindle, the Bible is one of the treasures of being a Christian

Do you ever think about the realities of the Christian life?  I know I rarely do.  However, today this exactly what I am doing.

In the midst of hustle and bustle of life; the celebrations and pains; the laughter and the tears, it is easy to blow past the beauty of simply being a follower of Christ.  I am a Christian, yet I rarely stop and enjoy the realities this entails.

This very word of “Christian” is loaded. [Read more...]

My spiritual journey continues

Rankin Wilbroune with John Gunter in Asia

Rankin and I here in Asia this past week. He is has been huge in helping me think through all of this.

I began this “journey” about a year or so ago.  I had been living in bad patterns for probably two years at that point, but it was finally catching up to me.

This journey really began when I noticed that I had been getting more easily irritated with small, insignificant things in life.  It then came more too light when my friend Michael Gregory brought up my growing irritability over lunch one day.  That day was a good start for me realizing that I was “off” and needed to figure out what was going on internally.

Second, my dear sister Becky mentioned it to me about a year ago. [Read more...]

7 people you see on American domestic flights

John Gunter on a Delta flight to Asia this week.

Bored with a camera on one of my many flights this week.

Last week I enjoyed writing on 9 observations of an American airport.  In keeping with my theme of observations of the American aviation system, here I will tackle some of what goes on during domestic flights in my beloved homeland.

Just as I have noticed certain types of people who fly on long, international flights, so I have also noticed a few characters who seem to be omnipresent on flights while I’m jumping around the “lower 48” in America.

Here are 7 people who frequent domestic flights in America:

  1. Tank-top Tyler – Even if he is headed to New York or Colorado, “Tank-top Tyler” looks like he is getting an early jump on his beach vacation.  Flip-flops, a brightly colored sleeveless shirt, and jorts or “jams” shorts are his usual uniform. [Read more...]

9 observations from an American airport

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Chick-fil-a

Here was my first sight coming up into the Atlanta terminal. . . and it was beautiful

As I type this, I am in yet another airport.  However, unlike my norm, I am actually in American airports much of this week.  Right now, I am in Washington’s Dulles Airport, but my week will see me spend quality time in the Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Seattle airports.

The old adage is true. . . “you can’t ask a fish about water.”  In the same vein, you can’t ask residential Americans to describe American airports.  So, as an American who has been living and traveling through Asian airports for the vast majority of the past 15 years, I write this article from the vantage point of an insider/outsider to American airports.

Here are my OBSERVATIONS of American airports: [Read more...]

“The Paper Chase” and the kingdom of heaven

A drawing of The Paper Chase store on the Decatur, GA Square

A drawing of The Paper Chase (bottom right) baseball card shop in Decatur, GA I used to frequent as a child.

The Paper Chase was across from the Decatur Square in Atlanta.  It really was my “happy place” for a portion of my childhood.  Though gone now, it was the largest, best baseball card dealer in the city at the time.

My sister Becky took ballet right down the street.  Seeing that I was too young to be left alone, I had to go along for the ride.  The Paper Chase made what could have been torture into something I looked forward to. [Read more...]

The moment Tracey and Phil met

Here is Tracey Clarke's "Chosen" hanging in the owner's house.

Here is Tracey Clarke’s “Chosen” hanging in the owner’s house.

It was almost three weeks to the day from when Philip Clarke passed into eternity.  I was attending a large Christian conference for college students.  Ironically, Phil had been in charge of recruiting for this conference at Georgia Tech in the fall, at least until his death on December 7th.

The conference was highly emotional for me and the rest of Phil’s friends which were in attendance, but we held it together.  We learned.  We worshiped.  We leaned upon each other.

The final night of the conference, I was standing against the back wall of the conference room. [Read more...]